The project activities carried out by IMAST between 2006 and 2017 gave rise to an intense scientific production, which currently consists of 192 works of which:

  • 95 papers in international journals;
  • 130 long abstracts at international conferences;
  • 2 books:
    • edited by Luigi Nicolais, Michele Meo, Eva Milella, "Composite Materials", Springer London Ltd;
    • edited by Francesco Izzo, Eva Milella, "Technological Districts and processes of knowledge transfer towards SMEs", McGraw-Hill.

In 2016 the Report "Composite materials - Foresight - 2015-2020" was drawn up, which traces an analysis of the state of the art and of the new technological and industrial trends for this class of materials. The first part describes some transversal technologies related to composites, defining state of the art and scientific and technological challenges aimed at solving some problems (for example, performance improvement, cost reduction, process optimization, environmental sustainability aspects). The second part analyses the industrial sectors of application, outlining the scenario in terms of potential technological discontinuity and market growth.