IMAST, in collaboration with Veneto Nanotech, was a pioneer in promoting and organizing, from 2007 to 2012, the international business plan competition "Polymerchallenge", with a seed fund of € 300,000 to the final winner, to transform the business idea into a start- technology in the field of polymeric and composite materials.
For the occasion, the District has developed an innovative methodology in Italy, based on a national presentation roadshow, the selection of project ideas on the basis of the technical / scientific value, a mentoring activity to the selected teams in the preparation of business plans, the realization of a Boot Camp with US professionals, the organization of Investor sessions with an international advisory committee (scientists, entrepreneurs, managers, venture capitalists) for the selection of the winner.
A total of 56 projects, from 12 countries, took part in the six editions. Among these, 25 projects were selected to access the final stages of the competition.

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