In line with the national and European strategies for the development of innovation, the growing of competitiveness, the valorisation of excellence and talents, the activities of IMAST are concentrated along three strategic axes:


  1. to strengthen international excellence in research, by facilitating the academy-company relationship, strengthening the knowledge base and reducing fragmentation, through the development of a critical mass of interdisciplinary and innovative skills;
  2. to attract and train talents through shared paths with the most innovative and dynamic companies, in order to enhance and reward talent and make it a driver for innovation;
  3. to accelerate the technological innovation of industry with the aim of promoting agglomeration processes, dimensional growth, qualitative and competitive raising of productions, organizations, skills, as well as their positioning in international markets, intercepting and attracting private investments in order to promote new entrepreneurship from emerging scientific and technological knowledge.


IMAST works to:


  • overcome the information asymmetry between the worlds of research and business;
  • giving a strategic direction to the choices in support of technology transfer and innovation;
  • attract new initiatives with the aim of complementing specialization and networking;
  • enhance innovation also in strong economic sectors;
  • develop new spin-off companies, both from research and technological outsourcing of large and medium-sized enterprises, in the hi-tech sectors unrelated to their core business;
  • increase the availability of innovative financial instruments, venture capital and seed capital.