IMAST is an example of how to create a stable network for the transfer and co-production of knowledge between public and private research nodes and the system of small, medium and large enterprises.

The District attracts new initiatives with a view to complementing specialization and networking, thus enhancing innovation also in the context of strong sectors of the economy.

Always attentive to international comparison, IMAST promotes workshops where science and business have a common ground for discussion and synthesis.

The main workshops organized over the years are:

  • Polymeric materials and composites: a vision for the future - Capri, September 26/27 - 2008;
  • Thermoplastic composites: towards high performance structures - Sorrento 10/11 October - 2010
  • Global partnership: Korea-Italy R & D cooperation - Rome, 26 September 2013

IMAST has implemented the creation of European metaclusters, participating in the European SMART: Services for SMEs in collaborative transport research  projects. The aim of the project was to increase the participation of SMEs in research and development programs in the Surface Transport sector, linking regional clusters and SMEs to the value chain of large companies in the sector and creating metaclusters.




At international level, in addition to scientific collaborations with universities and international research centers, IMAST is the European reference point for important Asian institutions, with which collaboration and exchange agreements have been signed.

They are:

  • Korean Institute of Science and Technology (KIST);
  • Korean Institute of Advanced Technology (KIAT);
  • Korea Institute of Carbon Convergence Technology (KCTECH);
  • Nanotechnology cluster of Japan.


IMAST has profitable collaborations with European clusters.