The celebration of the decennial of the District was the occasion for IMAST to propose a comparison on the present and the future of composite materials from unusual points of view, contaminating the languages ​​and models of expression.
For this, "FUTURO MATERIALE - Ten years of IMAST and beyond", held in one of the most evocative architectural sites of Naples, the monumental church of Santi Marcellino and Festo, alternated speech, a talk show on "The management of knowledge as an economic factor" (Moderated by Antonio Polito) who saw companies and research as protagonists, and informative and spectacular interventions realized by an astronaut (Maurizio Cheli), an architect and designer (Fabio Novembre) and an actress (Carmela Vincenti).
Also on display were the results of research projects carried out by IMAST with its members.


 "In ten years IMAST has built a unique district model of its kind, not only by integrating the skills of public research and those of industry, but above all by triggering unprecedented collaborations between companies not belonging to the same sectors." (Eva Milella)